Sunday, August 31, 2008

This site was created to cater to African Americans this is not any racist gesture of any kind. I had people to confront me and ask why do I only cater to one particular race group. I am no way or form a racist and have nothing against any other race. This site was not made to promote any negative images. SoulCityGraphics.com almost didn't happen my partners weren't sure how the public will take it, but I never gave up on the idea of having an all African American Site.
Some of you may think that this site is great for you and some may not. The site was made because we couldn't find sexy images of women with color, and because there was nothing that we could relate to.

In the beginning we went through so much and like anything else, their were haters and such. I had made a mistake by not managing my graphics and letting other people summit images. Which came to light from this one person who asked to link exchange with us and once their site was reviewed the decision was made that they will be denied. We didn't link exchange with them because of lack of traffic. So they decided to go and bash us, that's fine everyone isn't liked and some people just get mad because they are sore losers. I wanted to share this with you all for so long and just said why not, why not put it all out there.

To make matters even worse I was looking at some competitors sites and came across this person site. They had the audacity to put our site on their site stating that they make all their graphics and we steal ours. Let me just say this made me furious because I resolved all my problems and hired someone to create graphics for us and we also make them ourselves.

This person tried there best to eliminate us, it's sad because this was a young African American Sister... WOW!! she tried but we are still here alive and kicking.


Hey Everyone,

SoulCityGraphics.com will like to let you know about our extra new site. We have created a SCG bonus site to cater to all people. Just go to the home page at SoulCityGraphics.com click on the link HOT NEW this will navigate you to our new pages.

Thanks again
Owner of SoulCityGraphics.com

Layout News

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hello Everyone,

SoulCityGrpahics.com will like to apologize for interruption in layouts. Some of you are probably wondering were are your layouts. We are currently having some issues with layouts at this time.

We are working hard to get all layouts up and back running. Our tech support is giving an estimate time of a week. Please bear with us in this matter, once this problem is handled we will quickly have them available.

Please remember to re-visit our site @ http://www.soulcitygraphics.com to grab the layout code.

Once again we do apologize for the inconvenience


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello Everyone,

SoulCityGraphics.com would like to share with you our thoughts and any new information. We hope you like our site so far. This blog was also created to hear feedback from our frequent users, who may have some suggestions.

We offer a wide variety of graphics to give your profiles that special touch. So go ahead in enjoy the site. We strive hard to keep new graphic designs coming everyday! SoulCityGraphics.com are open minded and ready to vent.

So once again Welcome to our blog spot.